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Bump version with PlistBuddy

Either you are an iOS, macOS developer or developing something in Apple ecosystem, you must be familiar with one file called Info.plist. At some point in development, for sure you want to release a new version of your app and increase that version number. With the recent find of the existence of PlistBuddy, it would be interesting to give it a try and also a small exercise for my shell scripting skill. As so this post will be about to create a simple shell script to bump version with help PlistBuddy. Let’s kick started.

Note: For better format post, please check out Bump version with PlistBuddy

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Web Cache

While doing the project, I met a little problem that was really annoying in fact.

I had to manipulate XML document dynamically that was done by PHP. Everything worked well, the new data were written down XML document. When I had loaded the data from the XML document into HTML document immediately after manipulating them, however, the problem appeared. The new data was not as I had desired, it was still the old data. I tried to refresh the XML document in browser and it worked, I got the desired result.

In this case, there is something happened when I had loaded the XML document so it is necessary to refresh the XML document in other to get the desired result.

The something that I mentioned above is caching or web cache.

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