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Create custom view from XIB

Firstly, this is not a brand new topic. Just google “view from xib”, you can see over million of results. The common solution you will get must be:

UIView *view = [[[NSBundle mainBundle] loadNibNamed:@"xib name" owner:self options:nil] objectAtIndex:0];

Then just add the view onto wherever you need and done. It is simple and fast enough. So why am I still writing this?

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Client satisfaction and Flappy Bird

Yesterday, my boss shared his secret on managing a lot projects at the same time, but still keeping all clients satisfactory. That sounds like miracle huh? At first I thought that. However, after his talk, I found myself an interesting link with Flappy Bird.

Let’s imagine client as the bird in Flappy Bird and their expectation from us as the position of the bird in game. At the beginning, the bird will fall down if we do nothing – in this case is tapping screen. Analogically, when project just started, client have no idea about us, even maybe they do not trust us. Day by day, their expectation will go down and down. That is the first tough period of project. So what can we do? Go back to the game, what do you do? Just tapping huh, easy enough? Yes, it is easy but it works. Tapping and tapping keeps the bird up and passing the first pipe. The same way also works with client. Clarifying specifications, asking for materials,… all such those things like taps, are building client’s trust and pushing their satisfaction to the top. It is necessary, because over time satisfaction will be down again.

Like the game, after passing the first pipe, the bird again falls down. We need some more taps to pass following pipes. Likewise, during project, small actions are needed to revive client’s satisfactory. They may be asking issues, updating on Trello, weekly build,… just little things but having great power.

However, different from Flappy Bird, our project has an end point – means completing and delivering the project, not hitting pipes like the bird on the game. This is an another challenge in project. All frustrating things often happen here. One solution is to go over in advance this period when starting the project to figure out stuffs which needs to be prepared. Therefore, we can avoid breaking plan or overtime working or annoying things. By that, we can gain 99.9% satisfaction from our client.

In summary, just keep in mind a simple principle like playing Flappy Bird. Client’s satisfaction will go down and up by time. Our mission is to keep it up when it is down and to deliver our client the best result.